Carved Limestone Mantel out of Tours, Region of France (6603-2)



This is a beautiful carved limestone mantel out of Tours, Region of France. This would make a great statement piece in your home! Chimneypieces are the heart of the home. Well-used chimneypieces become part of the family. Early in the evening as its flames are first kindled its flames leap high and it blazes brightly, accompanying the chatter and conviviality of a pleasant evening in. As the evening strolls on the jumping flames become lazier, receding into a radiant glow, while the entire chimneypiece becomes hot to the touch. As the last person creeps up the stairs to bed, the final embers glimmer in the hearth and the warmth of the chimneypiece is spread around the whole house.

The measurements are: Overall - 69"W x 56 1/4"T x 11 1/2"D. Inside Opening - 54"W x 47"T.

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