Set Size:




Reversible Bark/Split Logs and pine cones. Straight one piece front log. Larger scale is good for masonry and  larger factory-built fireplaces.

LOGS ONLY - does not include burner, grate or anything other than the logs.

7 logs + 2 pine cones

9 logs + 2 pine cones

9 logs + 2 pine cones

10 logs + 2 pine cones


Rasmussen uses real pieces of wood to develop our log patterns and a painstaking molding process to reproduce the finest detail.  Rasmussen logs are of the Ceramic Bonded Refractory Concrete type.  Rasmussen uses a high-heat resistant, high-alumina refractory cement with a maximum temperature rating of over 2300 degrees F, lightweight expanded clay aggregates and rigid steel rod reinforcing for strength and durability.  All of Rasmussen’s logs are hand colored with a multi-step (up to six colors) process utilizing environmentally-friendly non-paint-based ceramic colorations, which remain colorfast under fire, and which do not create any odor when burned.