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Vent-Free FireBalls with Black Painted Steel Chassis

All ALTERNA VF sets are certified to two standards: ANSI Z21.11.2 (Unvented Room Heaters) and ANSI Z21.60 (Vented Decorative Appliance).  For use in wood-burning fireplaces or approved vent-free firebox enclosures.  They may be used with the damper open, closed or anyplace in between.  Vent-Free sets are supplemental zone heaters - they are not int ended for continuous use or whole house heating.  


Glass doors must be wide open when burning for proper ventilation, proper combustion and cooling of safety controls. With adequate combustion and ventilation air, the damper may be closed for vent-free use.  The damper may be opened slightly for reduced venting. Check local codes and ordinances for permitted uses. Vent-free sets are the only safe alternative for burning in a vented fireplace with smoking/spillage issues. 

ALTERNA™ VF HEARTH KITS include: Assembled burner/grate/safety control, Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) pilot, connector and fitting, damper clamp. 

ME, SE and RE controls have standing pilots that consume 300 BTU/hour (1 therm of natural gas every 13.9 days, or 1 gallon of propane every 12.7 days).  
  - ME and SE provide ON/OFF control with minimal flame height adjustment.  SE have a choice a five different wireless transmitters.
  - RE has a motor drive for remote flame height adjustment. The hand-held remote transmitter is included.

millivolt controls have a standing pilot that consumes 575 BTU/hour (1 therm of natural gas every 7.2 days, or 1 gallon of propane every 6.6 days). 
They have an installed switch for ON/OFF control and may be also used with the SR-MV1, THR1-MV1 and WS-MV1 remote controls, or with a wired wall switch, wired wall timer, or a home automation system. The flame height can be adjusted manually at the control valve.

EI controls are pilot-on-demand systems – there is no gas being consumed while the unit is OFF. They include the hand-held remote control transmitter for turning the set ON, OFF and adjusting the flame height.



Maximum BTU/hour inputs for Alterna VF Sets:
20" = 30,000       

24" and 30" = 40,000 

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