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Anchor Bonnet Chimney Pot



Clay Chimney Pot: Anchor Bonnet Style

 Ships Within: 3 to 5 Business Days

  • Ships Ahoy! A fitting chimney pot style for homes along shorelines.

    • What fun. With this twin periscope on top of your roof, your home will seem submarine-like.

    • The curved top also serves as a built-in rain guard.

  • Each model stands 28 inches, weighs 78 pounds, and fits an 8 inch wide firebox opening.

Dimensions are 28"H; 78 lbs; (2) 7-1/2" Top Opening; 11-1/4" Base I.D.; 12-1/2" Base O.D. Please allow 4 weeks for this chimney pot to be ready if it is not in stock and we do not accept returns.

Should you need assistance ordering or require additional customization, please contact us.