Indiana Limestone Fireplace Mantel (SOLD)



This is a custom stone fireplace mantel made from Indiana limestone. The measurements are: Shelf: 5'6" x 14-1/2"D; Total Height: 54"W x 50"H; Opening: 29"W x 30"H. This beautiful custom limestone mantel incorporate many of the features to styles that were seen in 11th and 15th century throughout England and other continents, and later revived in the 19th century.

Shipping cost to be determined and is not factored into price. Due to weight and value, shipping cost will be factored on a per item basis.

We will follow up with you to charge separately and we do not accept returns.t, and again revived in the 19th. Notice the Shelf with supporting brackets interspersed with the typical “Tudor Rose” ornamentation.