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Jack Arnold Bishop Copper Chimney Pot



European Copper Bishop Round Chimmey Pot - Copper Finish

Manufactured by: CopperCraft 
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3-4 Week Lead Time.


  • Simple installation
  • Helps keep out birds, rainwater, pests, and common debris
  • Recipient of the prestigious Underwriters Laboratories listing for quality
  • Stands 4' 4" tall; base measures 2'2" in diameter
  • Fits flue sizes up to 18" x 18"
  • Weighs 64 pounds 

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The Bishop model chimney pot by European Copper combines a charming lighthouse design with many of the same winning features of the Knight and King models. The dish-shaped top closely resembles the King, while the X-frame screen at the top stays close to the Knight design. Both the top and screen work to protect your chimney flue (up to 18" by 18" wide) from birds, insects, common airborne debris, and other unwanted intruders. 

Each Bishop chimney pot stands 4' 4" tall.  

The measurements are: Base 2' - 2"; Height 4' - 4"; Weight 47 lbs; Fits up to 18"x18" Flue.

Round in shape, the Bishop replicates the shape of standard clay pots, without the weight and decay and it is a great fit for more contemporary style homes. Finishes include: Patina Copper and Freedom Gray.

Please also allow 2 weeks for this chimney pot  to be ready if it is not in stock and we do not accept returns.