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Jack Arnold Pawn Copper Chimney Pot




European Copper Pawn Octagonal Chimmey Pot - Copper Finish

Manufactured by: CopperCraft

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  • Simple installation
  • Octagonal (eight-sided) shape
  • Helps keep out birds, rainwater, pests, and common debris
  • Recipient of the prestigious Underwriters Laboratories listing for quality
  • Stands 2'2" tall; base measures 1' 8" in diameter
  • Fits flue sizes up to 13" x 13"
  • Weighs 21 pounds

With its spacious, segmented lid, sturdy mesh screen and array of air vents along its base, the Pawn model chimney pot from European Copper offers a perfect choice for chimney flues up to 13" by 13". 

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The measurements are: Base 1' - 8"; Height 3' - 3"; Weight 36 lbs; Fits up to 13"x13" Flue.

This is the smallest chimney pot in this line and makes a nice addition to chimneys that are small in scale. Fits up to a 13"x13" flue. Finishes include: Copper 

Please also allow 2 weeks for this chimney pot to be ready if it is not in stock and we do not accept returns.