LightingLegendary Lighting Vulcan Series

 The simple lines of the Vulcan bring forth a modern appeal, but with our signature, maple leaf open flame and impeccable design, it remains a classic. The Vulcan series seamlessly adorns spaces with less width as it’s strong, linear lines compliment tight spaces well. The Vulcan is a refined addition to any space: between garage openings, narrow doorways, gateways, hanging in a porch or mounted to square beams.
Just as our other collections, the Vulcan series brings an eloquent, dignity to any space it embellishes through its various mounting and accessory options. As a hanging variation the Vulcan yoke mount beautifully echoes the lines of a column way, creating a beautiful, antiquated feel but remaining present. A refined natural copper Vulcan creates a rustic, warming entrance or our patina finish can add much depth and character. The Vulcan is also perfect for the narrow spacing between garage doors and tighter entryways.

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